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Double Power

Double Power



Double Power is a fast-acting liquid cleaner super-concentrate that attacks grease and dirt with ease.  

It dissolves all types of dirt and is safe to use on all hard surfaces.  Double Power is sold as a drum pack which makes a 55 gallon drum of cleaner / degreaser concentrate.  You add only water.  After the first dilution, Double Power can be diluted up to 1:200 with water to make a ready-to-use, low sudsing cleaning solution.  Do not use full strength! 

Double Power is a powerful degreaser that digs in to dissolve greasy, oily spills with amazing speed. It is a real “must” for cleaning up around oil changes, service stations, machine shops, and garages.  It is also excellent for use in pressure washers and will out-clean any other product in its class.  It attacks petroleum based dirt problems. Double Power is a synergistic mixture of oil-attacking solvents, amines and a fast-acting surfactant which bites into oil, grease, or grime with ease.  It emulsifies dirt and grease particles, then holds the particles in suspension, enabling easy pick-up with a mop.  Double Power will clean through to the bare surface no matter how much dirt there is. Give it your toughest test - it will pass.


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