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Blue Magic
Blue Magic


Blue Magic premium grade windshield washer fluid super-concentrate may be added to water for a summer solution or to water and methanol for a winter solution. 

As a very high-level concentrate, one gallon of Blue Magic will make up to 1173 gallons of ready-to-use window cleaner.  How can we do this?  After years of research and field testing, Chemical Professionals developed a new exclusive compound  we call “Liqui-Base.”  This exclusive ingredient produces more effective cleaning, longer dilutions, and a stronger blue color. It keeps a pleasant odor and will not streak!  To this we have added algae control and foam control ingredients for ease of handling.  At full dilution, we have more cleaner content than other ready-to-use windshield washer fluid case goods available to you.  Blue Magic costs just pennies per gallon because we have eliminated the costs associated with bottles, cartons, and transporting the water contained in other products.     

As a glass cleaner, Blue Magic is simple to use - just spray on and wipe off.  It will leave your windows sparkling clean and film free.  The pleasant blue color and mild fragrance add to its appeal.  It has special grease cutting agents to remove any oily films that may be on the glass and will not streak.  Add to your service islands or spray bottles for additional uses.   Blue Magic comes with an unconditional guarantee to be the best you have ever used!


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