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Blue Magic
Double Power


Chem-Pro is a manufacturer of cleaner concentrates doing business since 1988 to provide the best quality and service to oil changers, bottlers, bulk suppliers, new car dealers, automotive parts wholesalers, oil companies and more.  If you make or use windshield washer fluid, floor cleaners, or general purpose cleaners you should consider getting the “Best.”  Our years of experience give our customers (and yours) an edge up.

Our motto is “Our Customers Deserve the Best.”  Users and manufacturers of windshield washer fluid and concentrated cleaners who have chosen “Blue Magic” or “Double Power” recognize them as the highest quality products in the industry.  Chem-Pro is proud to be the supplier to a large and growing cross-section of the automotive industry.  See for yourself the quality and care that goes into every batch of Chem-Pro’s super-concentrated products. Once you have used them you will understand why so many companies have chosen Chem-Pro as their supplier.


“Our Customers Deserve the Best.”